“Increasing social engagement through short-form content was a priority for SALT during the pandemic. Our attendees gained valuable insights from the video clips we deployed across our channels. The Small team produced on-brand, high-quality video in a variety of formats with quick turnarounds.”

— Joe Eletto
Production Manager, SALT

⇢ 8X organic impressions

⇢ 36 video assets created

The Big Challenge?

SALT, one of the world's leading finance and investment conferences, needed a way to engage its audience and stay top-of-mind during the Covid-19 pandemic. The SALT team found itself asking, how do you excite attendees about finance and investment strategies from a distance?

The Small Solution?

A video content strategy that shared three videos each week that touched on topics interesting to its attendees. SALT's video content was formatted for Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Our Role

— Content strategy
— Content development

The Video Assets

Social Video Content:
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Behind the Process

In order to engage SALT's audience digitally, the Small team decided to repurpose SALT's keynote videos into short, bite-sized video content and format it for key digital channels. The Small team set the following project parameters in order to give SALT's videos the highest chance of success:

— Design and animate video cover images with an image of speaker and concise video title
— Identify well-known celebrity speakers which SALT was known for featuring on stage
— Limit videos to no more than 90 seconds to appeal to on-the-go professionals

Key Learnings

Here is what we've learned from our work with SALT:

— Don't be afraid to
promote good video content if client does not have active or mature digital presence
Quicken intro animation to move viewer from reading to viewing the video as quickly as possible
Focus less on celebrity and more on story. Although well-known celebrity attended, their keynotes did not necessarily translate into the most popular (most commented or most viewed) video content

These learnings can be seen implemented in Small's work with the End Well Symposium, a leading healthcare conference. Click here to read the End Well case study ⇢